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Titan Mode Level 14 Savepoint 2 - A movie requested by EDT. Author: SCRIPT_10000
My Oni scripts - A good movie showing some of my oni scripts. Author: SCRIPT_10000
Oni Resurrection - Great fan movie/music made MadMax. Thanks you for this, this is great! Author: MadMax

Thousand Dragons Preview - A little clip of a new script that I want create. Author: SCRIPT_10000

Misterious Lab MuroVsMuro - A big Battle in Lab: Muro Vs Muro. Lol! Author: SCRIPT_10000
Final Battle - A little movie showing ZDLO wining level 14 with all konoko partners. Author: ZDLO
Wining Final Level - Showing me wining the final level. (It's not my best but its ok) Author: SCRIPT_10000
L14SP1 - A little movie showing ZDLO playing in Level 14, yes he is great! Author: ZDLO

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