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Fun Script v1.7 NEW

Fun Script Arena v1.3 NEW

A script that I did to have some fun. It add unlimited enemies to you punch and this version also include 3 friends that will help you smack them. Author: SCRIPT_10000
Take me down v1.1.1

Mad Demo (works in mac but have lots of limitations)

The objective of this mod is try that enemy fall. This version include multi arenas and frag limit. Check the readme for more information. Author: SCRIPT_10000 For geyser version click here.
Renegade Same as vampire mod but without bugs and some improvements. Idea: SCRIPT_10000

Author: geyser

Vampire Mod Beta 2 Bite all your enemies to they become your allies. For a full working version try renegade mod by geyser. Author: SCRIPT_10000
Titan Mode:

Titan Mode 1.5 Manual Install (mac and pc) Download

Titan Mode is more one oni modification that turn the game more hard. This is did changing original scripts and adding more enemies.

A interesting feature is the "respawn" mode. When you die you get the follow message: "Want respawn? If yes please wait 10 seconds if no exit." After the 10 seconds you get full health again and you can continue the game from you died. Also in recent versions you get a dead counter. This is usefull for you try beat records and defy others players.

You can also play Titan Mode - Easy, Titan Mode - Normal and Titan Mode - Hard. (Change the difficulty in main menu of oni. (easy, normal and hard))

P.S. Some new characthers that appear in titan mode, isn't a bug, it is a feature.

Thanks to geyser and all other oni central members that did this possible.

+ information here.

Author: SCRIPT_10000

Airport Assault The Civilians Attack 0.2 beta Why only kill Syndicates?? Author: SCRIPT_10000
Thousands Dragons v1.2 Cool script with many enemies, a big boss and Konoko have new moves! Now also have savepoints. Author: SCRIPT_10000

Airport Arena

Bio-Lab Arena

TCTF Regional HQ (1) Arena

Atmospheric Conversion Center (Interior) Arena

Rooftops Arena (1) [Geyser is finishing Final version]

TCTF Science Prison Arena

TCTF Regional HQ (Redux) Arena

Syndicate Mountain Compound Arena

Your Mom have created new arenas based in Geyser code. He modified the code and created new arenas for different levels. Author: Your_mom
Tower of Doom Very cool script created by "Your_mom". You play against many enemies in a tower of level 14. Your Mom calls to the tower: The tower of doom. Author: Your Mom
Regional State Building Arena Final Final version of "Unreal Tournament Oni mod". Author: Geyser
Triplicate Slam v1.3 The sucessor of "The Immortality", but this script is much more cool, and it should be possible to play it without cheats. Have now also respawn mode.
Unreal Tournament Oni Mod First version Written by me. Is a arena script that you need to win with frags. You play against computer. Author: SCRIPT_10000
Droid_VS_Male_Scientist A little script made by me for the oni chars forum. Its a Droid versus a Scientist. Author: SCRIPT_10000
Droid Vs Engineer A little script made by me for the oni chars forum. Its a Droid versus a Engineer. Author: SCRIPT_10000
MBear_manplant First Script of the Mariachi Bear story line, this is my favourite it run in level 2. Author: Mariachi Bear.
Mariachis_lab_script Second script of Mariachi Bear Story Line. Author: Mariachi Bear.
DDstate Script
A good script that is a continuation of a story line. This script run in Level 13. Author: Mariachi Bear
Oni Menu v3 beta Ingame menu for Oni. Idea by: SSG Created by: Geyser
Mountain Rally V1.2 Great script created by "Your Mom". You play in level 14 with many enemies.
Tournament in real-time V1.0 First Arena script that I made. Author: Script_10000
Tournament in real-time V2.0 Second version of this script with some new things. Author: Script_10000
Tournament in real-time V3.0 Third version of this script with some new cool things and changes. Author: Script_10000
Tournament in real-time Special Edition (SE) A special edition of this script. I think is the best version and one of my best scripts. Author: Script_10000
The Mysterious Lab V1.0 My first script. Make some changes to dream lab how for example: You can play against Muro, Konoko and griffin at same time.  Author: Script_10000
The Immortality V1.0 Fight against very large groups of enemies. Author: Script_10000
Barabas Gun V0.9.1 (BETA) A beta script. You fight against Barabas in different savepoints with differents enemies, weapons and more some cool things. (dont work in some computers/macs) Author: Script_10000
Airport Assault 2 V1.1 (Updated) One of my favorites and best scripts. You have save airport again but this time is much more cool and harder. Author: Script_10000
Airport Assault 2 V2.1 (Updated) The second version of this script with some cool changes. Author: Script_10000


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